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Thank you for visiting our About page and Welcome to RealSaudia. In Blog RealSaudia.com, you will find only valued and updated content. Believe us or not once read our informative blog posts,  RealSaudia.com will be your number one blog for all Telecom updates, news, packages, SMS and Calls pack, Roaming bundles, and much more. We’re are working hard and collect information on Telecom in the GCC countries to give you the very best of results ever, with a focus on only value and best ever quality content.

Now just a little information on RealSaudi information. The blog RealSaudi founded in September 2020 and was first introduced by Behram Khan. Behram is the only person on RealSaudia.com who manages almost everything in the blog. He does write content manages the backend of the blog. Also, he is living in the GCC countries for almost 5 years and that is what passionate him creating a blog to help Expatriates in the Gulf to give them more information on Telecom news, updates, packages, etc to save their money.

Just one latest paragraph, RealSaudia.com will always post better quality content on Telecom news and updates in the GCC countries. Though I Behram Khan will always post weekly content and regularly update the previous to give more to the point packages details.

However, if you want something specific on a topic, package, update, and related information as you read on this blog. You can simply request and I will be trying such content for you as fast as I can. Because it’s you which is my number priority to take care of.

Its Beharm number one priority and I best hope you enjoy reading on this blog. If you have any questions, queries in mind, or any comments, then please don’t hesitate to contact Behram Khan directly using RealSaudia contact us page. You may wanna know more about our Privacy Policy.


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