Friendi Oman New Internet Plans Monthly 2023

Friendi Mobile in Oman offers different promotional monthly. Their prices are affordable and better compared to other networks in Oman. However, you need to know that these are promotional plans, you definitely check their availability by dialing *555#. Moreover, all the packs are for 1 month only. Now let’s get started with the details including price, validity, activation code, and more.

Friendi Internet Plans Oman

There are 9 total different promotional plans with monthly duration. Let’s have a look at the following table. Note: non-promotional plans are here.

Data PlanPriceDurationActivation Code
950MBRO 11 day*320*7#
950MBRO 2Unlimited*320*8#
4GBRO 3.1507 days*601*3#
2GBRO 31 Month601*6#
Freedom 2GBRO 3UnlimitedUse the Friendi app
2 GB + 500 MBRO 31 MonthUse the Friendi app
5GBRO 5UnlimitedUse the Friendi app
6 GB + 100 MinsRO 51 Month*601*5#
6GBRO 10Unlimited*320*12#

For your information the BONUS MBs you have received upon activation, won’t expire. What I mean is when you renew the same plans you will also get the same bonus MB data as you have received before (for the 1st time).

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There is no automatic renewal from the Friendi network in Oman for these above promotion plans. So if you want to get the package again you will need to enable the auto-renewal by dialing *130*1#.

It is important to check your data balance on the Friendi network. Thus you will keep yourself updated on how much data you are consuming and how much you have left, to do so dial this code *220#.

As you can see the above plans are with night data usage consumption also. For your information, the Night data timings are starting from 11 PM to 4 AM in the morning.

Moreover, if you consume more data excluded in the plan consuming extra MB will cost 10 Bz/MB within the remaining duration.

However, don’t go for those prices and buy an addon, these add-ons are cheap as compared to the normal rate per MB, so dial in to get more data, the code for getting more addon data is *200#.

Thus if the plan is expired then the charges are 50 Bz/MB, you cannot receive an addon after the duration expiry, addons are only available within the duration. Moreover, for PAYG data settings dial *340#, everything you see above is a Limited time offer.

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