Friendi Oman Unlimited Internet Plan Full Details

A piece of great news for Friendi mobile prepaid users in Oman. They can now enjoy unlimited internet without any limitations on their network. However, there is only one plan but different internet packages with more benefits and low costs. Anyways, to know full information about the unlimited internet Friendi package. Please keep on reading…

Friendi Oman Unlimited Internet Package

As of now, there is only one plan with unlimited data usage on the Friendi network in Oman. You can have unlimited internet for 1 day for RO 2 only. The validity is 24 hours. However, to activate the daily unlimited data plan dial *601*70# and press the call button. You will need to follow the on-screen instructions.

PackagePriceValidityActivation code
Unlimited internet dailyRO. 21 day only*601*70#

Note: The Unlimited plan is no longer available, instead you can get 6GB data for RO 5.00 for 30 days by dialing this code *601*5#.

Moreover, you can go ahead and check your remaining balance and make sure that they did not charge more from your main account. However, if you want to reactivate the package then dial the same code. Ensure that you have enough balance to reactivate the package or recharge your line to do so. You can also get a loan and activate a package on the go.

Keep in mind that reactivating the plan will end up in the old package. Thus your package validity will be started from the time you have purchased the package. And will end up in the next 24 hours.

One thing more, make sure that you get the offer as soon as possible. Because it’s a limited-time offer and can end up anytime. You can call Friendi mobile Oman helpline number to confirm if the offer is still and you can activate it. While deactivating the package, you need to install their official Friendi Mobile Oman application. Other than that, there is no method for the cancellation of the package.

For your information, the offer is valid for only prepaid customers. Postpaid customers can call Friendi helpline to confirm if they can get the pack. Moreover, there are other best plans you can check and activate.

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