How to Get Ooredoo Advance Credit Oman

Ooredoo in Oman allows you to get an advance credit balance whenever you are low on mobile balance. The service is called Ooredoo Easy Credit. You can simply dial a code and get the advance airtime credit in advance and pay back the airtime credit later on your next recharge.

There is no need to manually qualify for the services, all prepaid users are eligible and auto-qualified to get the advance airtime. One of the best things about the Easy Credit services is, that you get to borrow advance credit as many times as you want without repaying unless you reach the maximum limit.

For your information, there is a small on the service. This means you will be charged upon getting the advance credit balance or airtime or data per recharge. Moreover, you can use this credit for local calls, getting internet data, sending messages or SMS, and subscribing to any offer currently available on the Ooredoo network in Oman.

Get Advance Credit on Ooredoo Oman

You don’t need to activate the easy service on Ooredoo Oman. The service is pre-activated for all prepaid users in the country. However, you just need to dial *222*123# press the call button, and follow the on-screen instructions to get the advance credit. You will see a success message on your phone screen. Don’t forget to check your balance once you get the credit.

As per your balance usage history, Ooredoo may give you the advance credit of RO 0.200, RO 0.500, RO 1, RO 2, RO 5, and RO 10. In short, if you have used lots of credit on Ooredoo before, you will get more balance in advance, if you have used less, then you may get 0.200 RO only.

Advance CreditCredit FeeBalance deduction on next recharge
RO 0.20021 BzRO & Bz 0.221
RO 050021 BzRO & Bz 0.552
RO 1105 BzRO & Bz 1.105
RO 2210 BzRO & Bz 2.210
RO 5210 BzRO & Bz 5.525
RO 101.050RO 11.050

You can get advance as many times as you want unless you reach the maximum limit per day. For your information, once you successfully initiate the Easy Credit service, you cannot revert or cancel it. The only thing you can do is use the credit and pay it back later upon your next recharge.

Who is Eligible to Get Easy Credit

All prepaid customers on the network are eligible to easily get the Easy credit advance balance. However, they will need to pay a small amount of fee per transaction. Moreover, there is no need to have a minimum or maximum balance. No limit for account balance t to be eligible for Easy Credit. The service is auto-activated for all prepaid users and they can simply initiate to get the airtime credit.

How to Stop Getting Easy Credit Notifications

The procedure to stop getting the Easy Credit notifications on your phone is easy. Here is how to do it: All you need is to dial the codeĀ  *222*123#. Then press the call button then follow the instructions on your screen. This way you can stop Ooredoo from sending your unwanted Easy Credit SMS notifications.

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