Friendi Oman: Get Advance Credit of 200 up to 900 Bz

Friendi Mobile in Oman allows their prepaid users to get advance, emergency credit while low on balance. They can easily the loan amount and then pay the amount charged upon their next recharge. However, there are some terms and conditions you need to follow in order to be eligible to get the loan balance. Have a look at the following details:

What is Friendi Advance credit service?

Friendi mobile in Oman lets you get an emergency balance without any recharge. Thus later on you will need to pay the loan credit upon your next recharge. It is to be used in a situation where you cannot recharge your line offline or online and need some balance to call or message someone urgently. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria to get the emergency credit.

Who is eligible to get advance credit

To be eligible to get the advance loan balance on the Friendi network in Oman, you must be:

  • On the Friendi network at least for 3 months or 90 days.
  • You have recharged your Friendi line for RO 1/month (which means once a month).
  • You have kept your Friendi sim active.

If your Friendi sim card does not comply with the above eligibility terms then you won’t be able to get the loan credit. Thus once you try getting it, you will see an error.

How to get Friendi advance credit

To get emergency credit or advance balance on Friendi mobile in Oman, dial this USSD code *120*20# and press the call button. Select the amount as 200 Bz, 450 Bz, and 900 Bz. Select the desired amount and that is it. This is exactly how you do it.

The loan amount you will receive is valid for 30 days only. Mean you must use the advance credit within 30 days or 1 month. You can check your remaining amount of advance credit by dialing *120*20#. You can also use this credit to activate an internet package or send it to another Friendi number or transfer the amount internationally.

Moreover, keep in mind that there is a service fee for each amount you get. For 200 Bz, the fee is 20 Bz, 450 Bz fee is 50 Bz, while 900 Bz fee is 100 Bz.

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