How to Check Vodafone Balance & Data [Qatar]

Vodafone in Qatar is no doubt the best telecom services provider. There are many plans and packages both for prepaid and postpaid customers you can choose from. However, if you have an active data plan or Flexi minutes or just wanna check the remaining balance or data. You have reached the right place.

There are USSD codes available to quickly check your available account balance or internet. Today, I am going to show these codes. So that you can quickly go ahead and track your remaining resources on the go. Please follow the simple methods…

Check Vodafone Balance

To check your remaining balance on Vodafone Qatar, dial *100# and tap the call button. Then select My Account. Now tap the Check Balance option. You will receive an SMS in 2 minutes with your remaining balance info. An alternative method is the USSD code, dial *129#, and tap the call button to check your available credit.

Check Vodafone Remaining Data

You can also check how much internet data you have used in your current plan or package. To check the remaining internet data, dial code *129# and tap the call button. You will get an SMS from Vodafone with your remaining internet data info.

There is also an alternative and more convenient way to see your remaining data balance. Simply use the official My Vodafone Qatar application. Just open the app and you will see the remaining data in the Dashboard on the main screen.

Check How Much Flex You’ve Used

There are two different methods to check how much Flex you have used on Vodafone. The 1st method is to dial code *130# and tap the call button. You will get information on how much Flex is used and how much is remaining.

The 2nd method is to use Vodafone’s official application to check on your remaining Flex. Simply open the app and you will see info on the Dashboard.

How to Check Vodafone Postpaid Balance

Vodafone in Qatar allows you to check and pay your postpaid bills on the go. Simply download and install the official My Vodafone Qatar application. Now follow the below method:

Here are the simple steps to check your current postpaid bill. Open the My Vodafone Qatar app, Tap Menu, then tap “Billing and Payment”. Now tap the “My Bill” option to see your current postpaid Vodafone bill. You can also go ahead and pay the postpaid bill via the app if you want to.

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