Get QR 4 or 20 Flex Advance Vodafone Credit Qatar

If you are running low on credit or Flex and need a quick recharge make that important call or send a message. Then Vodafone in Qatar got your back. Because they give you advance credit service.

The Advance Vodafone Credit Service allows you to borrow credit balance or Flex in advance when you need it. This service is available to both prepaid and postpaid Vodafone customers. So get the credit and pay it later upon recharge.

How to Get Advance Credit on Vodafone

There are actually three methods to get the loan balance or Flex on your number. Especially when you are low on mobile credit. Here is how to get a loan of QR 4 or 40 Flex on Vodafone in Qatar:

Method #1: Using Advance Credit Code

All you need is to dial this code *555# and tap the call button. Then you will see on-screen instructions to get a loan balance of QR 4 or only 20 Flex. The choice is yours to pick one and then confirm your action when asked. You’ll get a success message on your number shortly.

Method #1: Get Credit via SMS

Vodafone also let you get the advance loan balance via SMS. The procedure is very simple, here is how to do it:

Open the SMS app, compose a new text message, type 5, and send it to 97555. Now you will get a reply from Vodafone, that you have successfully got the loan balance QR 4 balance. You can check your balance to confirm the amount.

Charge Upon Recharge

Now you might be thinking that how much Vodafone is going to charge me when I recharge? Don’t worry you will pay only QR 5 or an equal balance. The best part is, you don’t need to do anything, Vodafone will deduct the QR 5 amount from your balance automatically. However, don’t forget the check your balance.

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