How to Check Your Zain Number Kuwait

Are you using a Zain Kuwait sim card and forgot to tell someone your number? It’s not a big problem anymore. Because, I am going to show you the easy code and procedure to find, check or know your Zain Kuwait number. However, there are many methods in order to check your phone number.

How to Check Your Zain Number Kuwait

You can the official Zain Kuwait app or use an easy USSD code to do it. Also, Android and iOS users can do it without using any code or installing the Zain KW application. Well, I am going to show all these methods. So that you will check to know your number with more convenience. Anyways, let’s get started stated…

Method #1: Using a code

Zain KW has provided simple code users can use to know or check their sim card number. This is a time-saving and more convenient way to do so.

Here is the method: Open the Phone app and dial this code *8# or *34# and press the call button. Wait for a second and you will see your Zain Kuwait number in a display message. This method is completely free of cost and you don’t have a minimum balance on your line.

Method #2: By Calling or Message Someone

You can simply call any of your contacts and let them tell you the phone number you are calling from. But you need to have some balance on your Zain Kuwait line. This is an effective method if you are sitting with your friends. Also, you can send someone a message to send back the phone number you are texting from.

Method #3: Via Android or iOS Settings

Mostly when you insert a sim card on your Android and iOS device. The phone picks up your sim card number. As an Android device user, you can go to your Settings, then sim card settings, and edit the sim card, there you will see your Zain KW number. However, as an iOS device user, you can go to your Settings and then My Number. You will see your phone number listed there.

Method #4: Using the Zain KW app

You might be using the Zain KW official application to manage your prepaid or postpaid line. If Yes, then open the Zain KW application. In the Dashboard, you will find your number under your Name. Make sure to install the latest version of the Zain KW app.

How can I check my Zain Kuwait prepaid number?

As there are four different to know your Zain KW number. However, the most common and effortless method is to use a simple USSD code to do it. Simply dial *8# or *34# and tap the call button. In the next second, you will see a message displaying your Zain Kwauit number. The best there is no balance required for doing so. Alternatively, you can chat with Zain KW and request them to show or send your Zain SIM card number.

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