Omantel Baqati Postpaid Plans 2024

Omantel gives you perfect postpaid plans, especially their Baqati and Al Ufuq ones. These packages are especially for you to have peace of mind with more minutes, data, and more. There are two types of different postpaid plans you can select, the 12-month contract with No contract at all. However, these packs are sub-categorized by Omantel to choose the sufficient package for your needs. Let’s talk about these packs and explore their features below.

Omantel New Postpaid Packages

You can now enjoy more data up to unlimited usage and local minutes and much more with the new postpaid plans. These plans are new Baqati and Baqati Al Ufuq. Further, there are 5 packages for you with 12 months contracts and 5 with NO Contract.

Have a look at the below prices, local minutes, international minutes, roaming minutes and data, and much more. For your information, there are no activation codes available, you can get any of the below Baqati and Al Ufuq plans from the nearest Omantel store. Must recharge your Omantel line before purchasing any plan.

Omantel Postpaid PlanPriceLocal / International minutesData / Roaming dataGoogle Play & App Store discount
Baqati Bronze15.00 OMRunlimited local and 50 international minutes24GB data for local and GCC roaming12.00 OMR discount
Baqati Silver20.000 OMRunlimited local and 100 international minutes40GB data for local and GCC roaming24.00 OMR discount
Baqati Gold25.000 OMRunlimited local and 200 international minutes60GB data for local and GCC roaming36.00 OMR discount
Baqati Platinum35.000 OMRunlimited local and 300 international minutes80GB data for local and GCC roaming48.00 OMR discount
Baqati Al Ufuq99.00 OMRunlimited local and 500 international minutesUnlimited data for local and GCC roaming72.00 OMR discount

Bronze Baqati Plan

For only OMR 15.00 a month, get 24GB of local data and you can use the data in all the GCC countries with roaming. Also in the Bronze plan, you will receive unlimited local minutes, 50 international minutes, and a discount of 12.00 OMR on a purchase in Google Play and App Store.

Silver Baqati Plan

Get 40GB (FUP) data for local and GCC countries with roaming enabled, unlimited local minutes, 100 international minutes, and 5GB world roaming data for only OMR 20.00 per month. Also, you can get up to OMR 24.00 discount on a purchase in App Store and Google Play Store.

Gold Baqati Plan

You can have unlimited local minutes, 200 International minutes, 60GB (FUP) for local and GCC, and 6GB worldwide roaming data for only OMR 25.00/month. Also, a discount of 36.00 OMR on any purchase in the App Store and Google Play is there.

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Platinum Baqati Plan

There are more data, minutes, and other resources are included in the Baqati Platinum package. For only OMR 35.00 a month, get 80GB “FUP” data for local and GCC roaming, unlimited local minutes, 300 international minutes, 100 roaming minutes, 10GB roaming data, and 1 SIM for data sharing. Also 48.00 OMR discount in the Play and App Store.

Al Ufuq Baqati Plan

This is the new Omantel Baqati Al Ufuq package for postpaid users. Get unlimited data, local minutes, 500 international minutes, 300 roaming minutes, 15GB roaming data, 1 SIM for data sharing, and up to 72.00 OMR discount in the Play Store and App Store.

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