Omantel to Omantel Balance Transfer Procedure

Sharing your mobile credit with one another is easier than ever. As you can transfer your Omantel balance internationally. You can also share with friends and family members and other Omantel numbers locally. However, the procedure is easy and yet you don’t know it. That is why you are here and I am going to show you the easy way to do it. There are also terms and conditions for the balance transfer, so please stay and keep on reading…

Transfer Balance from Omantel to Omantel

The procedure to transfer mobile balance or credit from Omantel to Omantel is easy, here is how to do it: All you need is to dial this code *440*1234*recipient Omantel number*Amount in Biaza# and press the call button. Once you share the balance with another Omantel number successfully, both of you will receive a success message for the transaction.

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However, 1234 is the default PIN code to share your balance. You can change the dialing *441*1234*New Pin#. You will a see success message on your phone display.

Alternatively, you can install the official Omantel app available for all devices including Android and iOS, and iPhones. Simply install it, log in with your number, or signup if you are fresh on the app. Then go to the menu select money or balance transfer, enter the phone number you want to send the balance to, and tap the Send button. That is it, this is an easy way but you must use the latest Omantel app for a successful transaction.

Important Notes

There are some important notes you need to keep in mind while sharing your Omantel balance with one another. This is to let you know that, the maximum amount you can transfer is only OMR 24 or (25000 Baiza) per day. While the maximum limit is OMR 50 only. The minimum amount you can transfer is OMR 50 Bz only, while each transaction fee is 20 Bz.

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