Omantel Unlimited Social Packages 1.5 OMR Weekly

Omantel has introduced its best non-stop social media package. You can unlimited social media app usage for only 1.5 OMR per week. Non-stop WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter packages. Note that YouTube is included in the list. However, you can enjoy these offers with the new Hayyak and Hayyak Plus plans. Moreover, this package is only for prepaid Omantel users. Keep in mind that you can activate all these social packages via the Omantel App only. Thus the Omantel app is available for all devices, Android and iOS.

Non Stop Unlimited Social Packages

Now you can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram for SAR 1.5 each. Not all these apps are at one price, each app is OMR 1.5 per week. This means if you want to activate unlimited Facebook for 1 week then 1.5 OMR, WhatsApp as another package OMR 1.5/week. There are no subscription codes, use the Omantel app to get any of these offers.

The subscription fee is OMR 3, while you can activate any of these packages via the Omantel app only. The price is VAT-exclusive. This means while getting a package you will need to pay 5% VAT. Let’s see the complete details of these plans/offers below.

Social PackagePriceValidityActivation
Unlimited Facebook1.5 OMR1 weekOmantel app
Unlimited WhatsApp1.5 OMR1 weekOmantel app
Unlimited TikTok1.5 OMR1 weekOmantel app
Unlimited Twitter1.5 OMR1 weekOmantel app
Unlimited Snapchat1.5 OMR1 weekOmantel app
Unlimited Instagram1.5 OMR1 weekOmantel app


New Omantel Nonstop social packages
New Omantel Nonstop social packages

Keep in mind that you only get a plan for these ones if you are a Hayyak or Hayyak Plus subscriber. Meaning, if you are not a Hayyak or Hayyak Plus subscriber, then activate the Hayyak package first, then you can go ahead and get these social packages.

Also, there is a fair usage policy, the speed will be limited after some usage. Moreover, you cannot access all these at a single price. You will need to get each package separately. However, it is important to check your balance and internet data from time to time. This to avoid extra charges and balance cutting.

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