Omantel Unlimited YouTube & Music Package

Omantel now you let watch YouTube with unlimited data usage. Actually not just YouTube but the Music too. Because they have introduced a package called unlimited YouTube and music for Omantel prepaid users or those on the Hayyak and Hayyak Plus plans. So now you can enjoy watching your favorite movies, streaming videos, or sharing videos on YouTube without any limitations.

Today, I will show you the price of the Omantel unlimited YouTube and music package, activation code, and total validity as well as its terms and conditions. Have a look at the other Omantel Social Offers. So, let’s get started…

Omantel Unlimited YouTube Package

Youtube Pass: Omantel lets you use the YouTube application without any limitations. You can activate the unlimited package for YouTube and start watching your favorite video without worrying about your remaining data. To get the unlimited YouTube package for 3 hours for only 0.300 Bz, dial this code *666*1*2*3*8# and press the call button. Then follow the instructions on your mobile screen.

However, the price of 0.300 Bz is VAT 5% exclusive. In short, you will need to pay 5% more to get this plan. Moreover, you may also wanna get the package via Omantel’s official application available for Android and iOS, iPhone users. The choice is yours. Note: for your information, there are specific terms and conditions for both these packs.

Unlimited YouTube Music Package Omantel

Are you a Youtube music lover? This is the best package for you with unlimited access to YouTube music. Omantel brought you an exciting offer called the Unlimited YouTube Music package (via the Anghami app). You can simply activate it via code *666*1*2*4*8# for 30 days for just 2 OMR.

Then start listening to your favorite music with unlimited access. However, the price is without VAT 5%. This means you will need to pay an extra 5% balance to get the package. Moreover, you can subscribe to his pack via the official Omatel application.

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