Ooredoo Oman International Credit Transfer 2 Methods

Ooredoo in Oman lets you transfer or share your credit balance internationally. You can send your balance from Oman to almost all countries in the world from your Ooredoo line. However, the only thing you need is the procedure to do it. There are two methods to do so. One is the international credit transfer using a code and 2nd is using the Ooredoo official application. I will show you these two methods, you can choose the one easy for you to do so. Now, let’s get to the easy steps…

Ooredoo Oman International Credit Transfer

From your Ooredoo line in Oman, you transfer your mobile credit in seconds. Because Oooredoo allows international credit transfer to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, almost all countries are supported. There are two methods, but we will suggest using the official Ooredoo app, it’s a more convenient way.

International credit transfer via code

Here is how to transfer your Ooredoo credit: Open the dial pad dial *222# and press the call button. Select your language and then the “International Credit Transfer” on the next screen. Enter the recipient number with the country code e.g. for India or Pakistan +91, +92 then the number. Enter the amount e.g. 100, 200, or 500 Bz. Reply to the action with Y to confirm the transaction and done.

Now that your request to send your mobile balance or credit internationally has been processed. You will get a confirmation from Ooredoo in the next second. You may wanna check your balance once the transfer is completed. Moreover, if you are low on mobile credit, you can get a loan and share it internationally.

Ooredoo Oman International Credit Transfer via code
Ooredoo Oman International Credit Transfer via code

International balance transfer via Ooredoo app

You can also use the official Ooredoo application to send your mobile credit balance internationally. To do so, follow these steps: Open the Oooredoo app, then tap Menu. Select Financial Services. Enter the amount you want to transfer e.g. OMR 1, 2, or 10. Then enter the recipient number with the country code. Tap the Proceed button. Upon successful balance transfer, you will see a success popup message on your phone screen.

Use the Ooredoo Oman app to transfer credit internationally
Use the Ooredoo Oman app to transfer credit internationally

This way you can stay connected with your loved ones across the globe and share your love with them in terms of mobile credit. However, you may only replace the country code and send mobile balance to almost any number, any network in any country in the world.

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