Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages Prepaid 2024

Ooredoo in Oman lets you choose and activate from a variety of data packages. There are easy internet bundles with affordable prices, thus with enough validity. However, there are daily, weekly, and monthly packs you can choose and activate. I will show you the details for all these bundles in this one article so that you find all the information in one place. I will also show you the activation code and related information for the Ooredoo daily, weekly, monthly, Mousbak, Shababiah, and Easy Data as well as Pay As You Go “PAYG” plans. So please stay here and keep on reading…

Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages

There is a variety of internet data packages for prepaid users. Daily, weekly, and monthly plans are available at Ooredoo and you can activate the one that fits your data needs. Now let’s explore these latest Ooredoo bundles:

Shababiah Bundles

Package NamePrice in Omani RiyalValidityActivation codeDeactivation code
1GBRO 11 Day*555*21#*555*21*9#
1GBRO 31 MonthDial *555*22*0#Dial *555*22*9#
2GBRO 51 MonthDial *141*555*23# Dial *555*23*9#
6GBRO 101 MonthDial *555*26*0#Dial *555*26*9#

The above is the latest Shababia bundles by Ooredoo in Oman. However, keep in mind that only Shababiah customer care gets these bundles. Moreover, if you are on Mousbak and Shababiah’s classic package, then you must upgrade first by dialing this code *555# and tap the call button. The best thing is that you can always get these packs using the official Ooredoo application. Upon the allowed data consumption, you will be charged PAYG.

Mousbak Packages

Package NamePriceDurationActivation codeCancellation codeBalance check code
1GBRO 11 day*141*4*24#*141*4*24*0#*141*4*9#
2GBRO 22 days*141*4*48#*141*4*48*0#*141*4*9#
3GBRO 57 days*141*4*7#*141*4*9#*141*4*7*0#
WhatsApp 50MBBz 5007 days*141*4*50#*141*4*50*0#*141*4*9#
WhatsApp 500MBRO 31 month*141*4*500#*141*4*500*0#*141*4*9#
1GBRO 51 month*141*4*1#*141*4*1*0#*141*4*9#
3GBRO 101 month*141*4*3#*141*4*3*0#*141*4*9#
6GBRO 171 month*141*4*6#*141*4*6*0#*141*4*9#
10GBRO 241 month*141*4*10#*141*4*10*0#*141*4*9#
30GBRO 491 month*141*4*30#*141*4*9#*141*4*30*0#

Mousbak users can get a lot of benefits because there are lots of packages including social media bundles and especially WhatsApp for daily and monthly usage. Remember that you can use the above-mentioned data in the Mousbak package locally. If you are roaming these packages are not for you. In short, if you use data without any roaming pack, then regular charges will apply. You will also receive an automatic notification when you reach 80% data usage. However, you can check the data balance yourself.

Daily and Weekly Data Packages

Package NamePriceValiditySetup Fee
1GB1.050 OMR1 day105 Bz
2GB2.100 OMR2 days210 Bz
3GB5.250 OMR7 days525 Bz

If you want an internet package on the Ooredoo network for 1 day, 2 days, and 7 days. There are there different packages you can select. Please choose any of the above, but note that these are only available to prepaid Ooredoo customers. Let me tell you that the above-mentioned prices are VAT 5% inclusive.

Monthly Data Packages

Package NamePriceValiditySetup Fee
500MB3.150 OMR1 month315 Bz
1GB5.250 OMR1 month525 Bz
3GB10.500 OMR1 month1.050 Bz

Simply dial *222# and tap the call button and you will see a menu to get the listed package. All prepaid Ooredoo customers are eligible for the monthly packages. If you don’t have enough balance then get an advance and recharge your Ooredoo line. If you have any trouble while getting the desired pack, then call 1500.

Ooredoo Unlimited Data Package

If you want unlimited access to the internet with your Ooredoo line in Oman. Then get the daily package for only OMR 2 per day. Simply dial *555*888# and tap the call button. Once the daily unlimited Ooredoo internet is activated, you will get an SMS with a confirmation text.

PackagePriceDuration Activation code
Unlimited internet data packageRO 21 day*555*888#

Ooredoo Unlimited YouTube Package

If you are the kind of person who watches youtube most of the time. Then Ooredoo lets you watch unlimited youtube for a very affordable price. You can activate the daily unlimited youtube package for only RO 0.525 Bz for 1 day. To subscribe dial *141*600#, while to cancel the package dial *141*600*1#. Watch unlimited videos, movies, and your favorite tutorial with this one.

PackagePriceDuration Activation codeCancellation code
Unlimited YouTubeRO 0.5251 day*141*600#*141*600*1#
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