Vodafone Internet Packages Qatar [2024]

There are hundreds of different packages out there on Vodafone. These packages are pretty affordable and easy to activate on the go via the official My Vodafone app in Qatar. However, there are activation codes you can use. Moreover, I have listed all internet packages below with complete details. So you can compare these plans and select one, that is best for your internet needs.

There are various daily, weekly, 7 days, monthly, and 3 months packages. Vodafone Flex, Combo, Combo+ Plus, 7 Days Booster, data-only package, and add-ons are included in the list below. Starting from 260MB, 512MB, 750MB, 1GB, 1.8GB, 2GB, 2.5GB, 2.2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 8GB, 16GB, 24GB, 10, 20, 100, 200, 500GB and up to unlimited plans are available.

Vodafone Flex Packages

Vodafone in Qatar users the best Flex packages. Flex actually points, you can use these points for internet data, and local and international calls. The company has added internet data with each package for the users to enjoy as much as they can. Please have the following Vodafone Flex and Data packages latest in 2022:

Vodafone Flex PackagePriceInternet dataFlex Benefits
Flex 70QR 10260MB for 3 days70 free Flex for 3 days
Flex 150QR 20512MB for 3 days150 free Flex for days
Flex 270QR 30750MB for 7 days270 free Flex for 30 days
Flex 516QR 501.8GB for 7 days516 free Flex Flex for 30 days
Flex 600QR 602GB for 7 days600 free Flex Flex for 30 days
Flex 840QR 802GB for 7 days840 free Flex Flex for 30 days
Flex 1200QR 1002.2GB for 7 days1200 free Flex for 30 days
Flex 2520QR 1502.2GB for 7 days2520 free Flex for 30 days
Flex 3720QR 2002.2GB for 7 days3720 free Flex for 30 days
Flex 4500QR 300Unlimited internet for 7 days4500 free Flex for 30 days
Flex 7500QR 500Unlimited internet for 7 days7500 free Flex for 30 days

So these are the latest Vodafone Qatar Flex Internet Packages with Flex and internet data. To recharge your card dial *777*Hidden Voucher Card PIN# and tap the call button. Once recharged with the desired balance, you will get internet data and free Flex e.g with a QR 10.00 card, you will get 70 Flex and 260MB data.

Note: You can check your remaining data using code *100# or *129#. To check your remaining Flex or how much flex you have used dial *130#.

Moreover, if you need extra Flex only. Then there are some add-ons you may wanna check. Below are the complete details including price, validity, and activation codes. You can check your remaining Flex by dialing *130#.

Flex PackagePriceYou GetDurationActivation code
Flex 5QR 5.0030 Flex24 hours*200*3005#
Flex 10QR 10.0070 Flex48 hours*200*1110#
Flex 20QR 20.00150 Flex1 week*200*771#
Flex 50QR 50.00450 Flex1 month*200*45#
Flex 100QR 100.001000 Flex1 month*200*1000#

Vodafone Combo Packages

You can get long-lasting validity with the new Vodafone Combo packages in Qatar. These packs give longer validity, internet data, and local minutes for calls. You can simply buy a recharge and dial *444*Recharge Voucher Hidden PIN# to get benefits.

Vodafone BundlePriceInternet DataLocal MinutesValidity
Combo 30QR 303GB Data120 Local Minutes1 month
Combo 50QR 504GB Data200 Local Minutes50 days
Combo 60QR 608GB Data240 Local Minutes2 months
Combo 100QR 10016GB Data360 Local Minutes100 days
Combo 150QR 15024GB Data750 Local Minutes150 days

Vodafone Combo Plus Packages

If you need more internet data, local and international minutes in Qatar on Vodafone. Then you need to get the Combo+ plus package. You will have enough validity, data, local minutes, and international minutes. Get a recharge card and dial *444*Voucher Hidden Pin Code# to activate a bundle listed below.

Vodafone PackagePriceLocal MinutesInt'l MinutesInternet dataValidity
Combo+ 20QR 2025 Local Minutes15 International Minutes1GB Data1 week
Combo+ 50QR 50100 Local Minutes25 International Minutes2.5GB Data1 month
Combo+ 100QR 100100 Local Minutes70 International Minutes5GB + Unlimited data1 month
Combo+ 150QR 150450 Local Minutes100 International Minutes8GB + Unlimited data1 month
Combo+ 300QR 300Unlimited Local Minutes100 International Minutes20GB + Unlimited data1 month
Combo+ 450QR 450Unlimited Local Minutes100 International Minutes200GB + Unlimited data1 month
Combo+ 750QR 750Unlimited Local Minutes500 International Minutes500GB + Unlimited data1 month

Vodafone Internet Packages (Data only)

If internet data is your only need and you don’t need minutes for local and international use. Then go with Data only plans on Vodafone. The data-only plans are affordable with enough validity to fulfill your needs. To any of the below data-only packages, use the official  My Vodafone application.

Vodafone Internet PackagePriceValidity
750 MBQR 10.00300MB for 3 days +
450MB for 3 days
1.5 GBQR 20.00700MB for 7 days +
836MB for 7 days
2 GBQR 30.001GB for 14 days +
1GB for 7 days
3.8 GBQR 50.002GB for 28 days +
1.8GB for 7 days
4.5 GBQR 60.002.5GB for 28 days +
2GB for 2 days
6 GBQR 80.004GB for 28 days +
2GB for 7 days
9 GBQR 100.007GB for 28 days +
2GB for 7 days
16 GBQR 150.0014GB for 28 days +
2GB for 7 days
22 GBQR 200.0020GB for 42 days +
2GB for 7 days
Unlimited dataQR 125.00100GB for 3 days +
Unlimited for 7 days
Unlimited dataQR 250.00Unlimited for 30 days

Vodafone 7 Days Booster Packages

If you have used your resources e.g internet data. Then you can get add-ons, they are called Vodafone Booster plans for one week. Have a look at the details below:

Vodafone Booster & Add-OnsPriceInternet dataDurationActivation code
Data BoosterQR 20.002.5GB full speed data7 days*110*2024#
Add-On 20QR 20.00U Start 2GB & U Plus 5GB1 monthUse Vodafone App
Add-On 60QR 60.00Unlimited only for U Plus users1 monthUse Vodafone App

That is it guys, there is a quick disclaimer for the above-mentioned list of packs. As these are Vodafone data, flex, etc plans they may change the prices and data at any time. However, we will try out best to keep this article updated with the latest information.

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