Vodafone Pocket WiFi Device Price & Specs

If you are looking for the best WiFi device even introduced by Vodafone in Qatar? You have come to the right place. They have launched a perfect pocket wifi for users with a lot of possibilities. It’s affordable and easy to use.

In this article, I will show you the complete overview of the Vodafone pocket WiFi device and its specifications. Also, where you can purchase it at a 50% discount. So, let’s get started…

Vodafone Pocket Mobile WIFI R219T

It doesn’t if you want to purchase an internet Wifi device for your home, small office, or anywhere. The Vodafone Mobile WiFi R219T is the device to go with. It is perfect in size and battery size.

The Price

The price of the Vodafone Pocket Mobile WiFi is QR 199.00, but you can get it for QR 99.00 only with a 50% discount when you purchase it from Vodafone online store.

Connectivity and Users Support

The WiFi R219T lets you create a Wi-Fi hotspot that supports up to 10 users/devices. The speed of the device is great due to 4G LTE support. However, it is pocket-sized, perfect, and easy to carry.

Battery Timings

The device comes with a 2150 mAh battery, which is far more than enough. It gives you 8 hours of working on a single charge and up to 300 hours of time when on Standby.

Device Management is Easy

Vodafone has made it easy for you to manage your pocket Wi-Fi device. You can use any web browser and admin details (comes with the device) for device management.

You can simply visit http://vodafonemobile.wifi and log in to manage your pocket WiFi device on the go. You can then check your device status including device health, battery status, and number of active users, you can reset your password and SSID, check the network strength, and much more using the same link.

Moreover, there are a lot of packages available for pocket WiFi to choose from. There are home internet plans, WiFi plans, and more for an affordable price.

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