Vodafone Qatar Home Internet Plans

Looking for the best Vodafone home internet plan in Qatar? You have reached the right. There are solutions for every kind of home on the network. You can get a package for a small, medium, or large house as per your internet needs. The choice is yours though. Today, I am going to show the 5 best Vodafone home internet packages in complete detail. So, let’s get started…

Vodafone Home Internet Plans Qatar

Starting from 15Mbps speed, there are a total of 5 different plans with different internet speeds up to 500Mbps. You can select one for your home internet needs. Here are the details of the home internet Vodafone packages.

GigaHome Essential Package

The Vodafone GigaHome Essential package is the best one for small households. It’s available for fiber area users only. However, the price of the package is QAR 250/month. You get internet speed up to 20 Mbps. Unlimited local calls to landline numbers only and a free Router are included in the package.

GigaHome Classic Package

A great Vodafone home internet package for medium households only. Though, the package is available for 5G and fiber areas in Qatar. The price of the plan is QAR 300/month. You will get up to 100Mbps internet speed. Unlimited free calls to landline numbers in Qatar only. Also, free Router, and a WiFi guarantee starting from QAR 10.00 only.

GigaHome Premium Package

For large Households, the Vodafone GigaHome Premium is an amazing package. It is available for both 5G and Fiber areas. The price of the package is QAR 450/month. However, you get an amazing speed of up to 500Mbps, unlimited calls to all landline numbers, a free Router, and a WiFi guarantee.

Home Unlimited Internet 350 Package

The best suitable package for medium Households in Qatar with unlimited internet access. If you need an unlimited internet home package for the best price, then go with the Vodafone unlimited Home 350 package.

The price of the package is QAR 350/month. You will get unlimited internet with a speed of up to 15Mbps. The first 100GBs will be at full speed. After that, 500GB speed will be at 15Mbps, and after unlimited data at 1Mbps.

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