Vodafone Unlimited 5G Packages Qatar

Vodafone in Qatar has always been something for their postpaid and prepaid customers. When it comes to connectivity, internet data, calls, and SMS, there are a lot of packages with unlimited plans you can choose from. These plans are cheap and pretty affordable for all postpaid users. However, Today, I am going to show you the best of their 4 unlimited packages with data, calls, and SMS, as well as validity details. So, let’s get started…

Vodafone Qatar Unlimited 5G Plans

Vodafone has recently launched the 4 best postpaid packs with unlimited possibilities. Starting from QAR 325, QAR 500, 250, and 300 per month with 12 monthly contracts. All these packs give you calls, 5G internet data, roaming data, and lots of free features. So, let’s explore them one by one:

Unlimited 300 Package

For the price of QAR 250/month with 12 months contract period you will get unlimited 5G internet data, unlimited calls, and SMS for local use only. Also, there is an extra 300GB if you buy the plan for 12 months. Even you will have 100 minutes for international use, 20GB roaming data, free in-flight roaming, and a free start number worth up to QAR 3000.

There are other free resources as well, mybook, Vodafone Entertainer, and 50 Avios/month. You can purchase the package from the nearest Vodafone Qatar Franchise, or using the official Vodafone Qatar application.

Unlimited 375 Package

You can get unlimited 5G internet data, minutes, and SMS for 1 month for QAR 300/month with a 12 months contract period. Also, there is an ongoing offer in which you will get an extra 150GB for 12 months for free. 100 minutes for international use, 5GB roaming and free in-flight roaming, and a free start number worth up to QAR 4000.

Also, there are free features included in the package. The mybook, Vodafone Entertainer, and 75 Avios/month. To subscribe, use the Vodafone Qatar application.

Unlimited 450 Package

With an affordable price of QAR 450/month with 12 monthly contracts, you will get unlimited 5G local data, SMS, and calls. Also, there is free 300GB for 12 months and 100 international minutes, 40GB roaming data, free in-flight roaming, Valet Parking, free mybook, Vodafone Entertainer, and 100 Avios/month. To subscribe to the unlimited 450 package, use the Vodafone app.

Unlimited VIP Package

The best package with a pretty affordable price and for only VIP postpaid Vodafone users in Qatar. For the price of QAR 500/month for 12 months, you will get unlimited SMS, local calls, and 5G internet data for 1 month. Even 500 international minutes, 75GB roaming data, 200 minutes for roaming, free In flight, free VIP Valet Parking, and a free start number worth up to QAR 10,000.

Well, there are other free features in the package. A free mybook service, Entertainer by Vodafone, and each month 200 Avios free. You can get an unlimited VIP package from the nearest Vodafone franchise or use their official application.

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