Zain Kuwait eeZee Bundles (Data, Calls, Unlimited SMS)

Zain in Kuwait has recently introduced its best eeZee packages. These new bundles give the most of the Zain network, e.g unlimited calls, SMS, internet data, and international minutes. However, you can select from a variety of their best packs anytime via the Zain KW app and activate any plan via a simple USSD code. Moreover, let me tell you that you are here at the right place to know the complete information about these bundles. So, let’s get to explore them all…

Zain eeZee Bundles

The eeZee bundles are designed to fulfill your complete needs in terms of internet data, local and international minutes, and SMS. Today, I am going to show the details including prices, validity, and subscription codes for all these bundles. For your information, all these plans are available with monthly validity only. There are no EEZEE Zain packages with daily or weekly validity.

Package PriceDataLocal minutesValidityActivation code
KD 530GB100 minutes1 monthSMS "5" 999
KD 760GB250 minutes1 monthSMS "7" 999
KD 990GB500 minutes1 monthSMS "9" 999
KD 12150GB100 minutes1 monthSMS "12" 999
KD 18250GBUnlimited1 monthSMS "18" 999
KD 21UnlimitedUnlimited1 monthSMS "21" 999

eeZee Zain Special Bundles

So, here we are with some special Zain eeZee packages. These special bundles give you more data, unlimited minutes/calls from Zain to Zain, international minutes, etc. Keep in mind that there is no free SMS included in the eeZee special packages. Let’s explore the details of these bundles.

Package PriceInternet dataLocal MinutesInternational MinutesActivation code
KD 9 Monthly25GBZain to Zain unlimited minutesNoSMS "R7" to 999
KD 9.5 Monthly5GBZain to Zain unlimited minutes25 international minutesSMS "R6" to 999
KD 11.5 Monthly25GBZain to Zain unlimited minutes25 international minutesSMS "R9" to 999
KD 14 Monthly50GBZain to Zain unlimited minutes500 international minutesSMS "R8" to 999
KD 19 Monthly200GBZain to Zain unlimited minutes25 international minutesSMS "R10" to 999

Zain eeZee Extra Bundles

Once you are about to finish all your internet data and need more. Zain eeZee lets you get some extra GBs with easy activation. You can either get these extra GBs via Zain KW’s official app or using the code mentioned below.

Package PriceExtra GB'sValidityActivation code
KD 2 Monthly1GB data1 monthSMS "o9" to 999
KD 5 Monthly25GB data1 monthSMS "o10" to 999

For KD 2 monthly, get 1GB extra data. To subscribe to the 1GB extra data for KD 2 monthly, SMS “o9” to 999. However, to get more than SMS “o10” to 999 and avail 30GB extra data for KD 5 for 1 month. Read also: Check Balance and Data in Zain Kuwait.

How to Get Extra Validity for eeZee Plans

For your information, whenever your package is going to expire and you have more data and minutes. Then you can easily extend the validity of your current eeZee package. That way, the internet data, SMS, minutes, and international validity will be extended. Here is the easy code to extend your Zain eeZee package validity.

PriceExtra ValiditySubscription code
KD 115 daysSMS "v1" to 999
KD 360 daysSMS "v2" to 999
KD 5120 daysSMS "v3" to 999
KD 13365 daysSMS "v4" to 999

Extend your validity for KD1 for 15 days by sending an SMS “v1” to 999. Get extra validity for 60 days for KD 3 only, SMS “v2” to 999. For KD 5, get 120 days validity, SMS “v3” to 999 while to get 365 days validity for KD 13 only, SMS “v4” to 999.

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