Zain Kuwait Local & International Credit Transfer [2024]

Zain in Kuwait provides plenty of useful services. Credit sharing is one of these services, and it is easy to use it. Because Zain in Kwauti allows you to share or send your mobile credit locally and internationally. In short, you can send your Zain Kwauit credit to any local number within the country or back to your home country. The only thing that is required of you is the procedure to do so. Don’t worry we’ve got your back.

In this article, I will show you the step-by-step method to share or transfer your Zain Kuwait balance with local and international numbers. There are several methods to do it. However, I will show you the most common and easy-to-use method. So, please stay for the method and keep on reading…

Zain to Zain Local Credit Transfer (Kuwait)

There is no USSD code to transfer your credit locally. Alternatively, you can do this via SMS. First of all, you need to activate the credit transfer on your sim card. For that, Open the SMS app and compose a new text message. Now send “ON” to “99998”.

You will get a reply from Zain Kuwait with your PIN code (four-digit code). In the future, Zain will confirm your transfer when you enter this code. So please note down your PIN somewhere safe. Once the credit transfer service is activated, follow these steps to share your balance locally:

Open the SMS app, and compose a new text message. Type T[space]recipient Zain number[space]amount and send it to 99998. In the next reply, Zain will ask you to confirm the transaction by entering your PIN code. Type the code and reply to that SMS to confirm the transfer. Once the transfer is completed, both of you will a reply from Zain Kuwait. Moreover, you can easily cancel the transfer by sending “Cancel” to 99998.

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Alternative Method for Zain Kuwait Local Balance Transfer

An alternative method to share your Zain balance with another Zain number in Kuwait is to use the official Zain KW app. The Zain KW app is available to all prepaid and postpaid customers in the Play Store and App Store. Install the app and follow this procedure:

Open the Zain KW app, and tap the Menu icon at the top left. Select Credit Transfer. Enter the recipient number under the “Transfer Credit To” option. Then enter your Credit Transfer Pin. Select the amount you want to send e.g KD 1.5, 2, 3, 4, etc. In the last step tap the Transfer button, done.

Keep in mind that this method works for all Zain prepaid and postpaid customers in Kuwait. However, if you wanna cancel or deactivate a credit transfer then send “OFF” to 99998. Upon successful service cancellation, you will receive a confirmation SMS from Zain Kuwait.

Zain Kuwait International Balance Transfer

You are allowed to transfer any amount from Zain Kuwait prepaid, or postpaid line. However, it is necessary that the credit transfer service must be activated on your number (check the above). For your information, you can transfer your Zain Kuwait balance to India, Phillippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and all the supported carriers in other countries. Once you are ready to transfer your balance internationally, follow these simple steps:

Open up the Message app, then create a new text message. Now send “TR” to 94009. Now you will receive an SMS reply from Zain Kuwait that will contain further instructions to follow. Simply follow those steps.

How to Reset Credit Transfer PIN Code?

You can easily reset your Zain KW credit transfer PIN code. Install the Zain KW app and open it. Login or register your Zain number. Then go to Menu at the top right, and select Credit Transfer. Tap the “Reset Pin” button, and done. Now Zain will send you a new credit transfer code via SMS. You can also change by sending C[spance]old pin[space]new pin to 99998 via SMS.

Terms and Conditions of the Service

Zain KW has a few terms and conditions for using the credit transfer service. You may only be able to share credit once you meet and agree to the following terms and conditions:

The minimum amount you can transfer is KD 1.5 while the maximum is 30 days for postpaid customers. However, for the prepaid customer, the minimum allowed transfer is worth KD 1 and while the maximum is KD 30 daily. The maximum you can transfer monthly is KD 30. For international balance transfers, the maximum transaction limit is 30 KD and 20 transactions per month.

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