Friendi Oman International Balance Transfer Procedure

Friendi mobile network in Oman allows its prepaid users to share their credit internationally. In short, as a Friendi mobile prepaid user, you can share your mobile balance internationally. You can easily transfer the credit balance from Oman to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Phillippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other countries.

However, if you are looking for the procedure for doing so. Then you are here at the price to know everything about it. So without further talking, let’s get started…

Friendi International Credit Transfer

Friendi International Credit Transfer is a great service. Especially for those who want to send credit as a gift or support family and friends while they are low on mobile balance. Make sure that you have enough balance, if not then recharge your line, or get a loan.

However, Friendi did not mention a clear way to show the transfer fee or charge. Moreover, you can send your Friendi your balance to any country using the following procedure:

To send your balance, dial *222# and press the call button. Then enter the international (receiver) phone number with the country code. Now enter the amount e.g RO 1, 2, or 3, and confirm the action. That is it, upon successful credit transfer, you and the receiver will get a confirmation message.

Let me repeat it for you in detail: First of all, open your phone app then dial *222# and press the call button. After that enter the international receiver phone number, for Pak dial 0092 before the phone number, for India 0091, etc. Then tap the call button and then the amount, for example, RO 1, 2, 3, or 4, and confirm the action. After that successful transaction, you and the receiver will receive a confirmation SMS from Friendi.

Moreover, there are no limitations per credit transfer per day. I am not saying this is official, but as of now, there is no such information on the Friendi Mobile Oman official website. However, you can confirm this by calling the Friendi mobile Oman helpline number.

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