Omantel International Call Offers (Marhaba World)

Omantel will never let you down when you want to call your loved ones across the world and stay connected with an affordable calling. Because they have just launched a new international voice package called Marhab World. Such an amazing package it is. You will get 7 days validity and enough minutes for a specific with the lowest rate from Omantel. Let me explore the Marhaba World package for you.


You can 19 countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Yemen, Tanzania, Sudan, Iran, Morocco, and Kenya. There are other great packages for GCC countries only.

How to Subscribe

You can easily subscribe to any of the following packages for a specific country. Here are the easy instructions to follow:

To subscribe: dial *104* country code#.
To subscribe using the recharge card, dial *101*country code* voucher hidden number#.

Omantel International Minutes Offers

Country CodeMinutesCodeValidity
Pakistan50927 days
India50917 days
Bangladesh508807 days
Indonesia30627 days
Sri Lanka
14947 days
Philippines15637 days
112517 days
UAE159717 days
Saudi Arabia159667 days
Qatar159747 days
Kuwait159657 days
Bahrain159737 days
Egypt17207 days
Yemen149677 days
Tanzania82557 days
Sudan132497 days
Iran13987 days
Morocco62127 days
Kenya122547 days

How to Check Remaining Minutes

When you subscribe to a desired bundle for your home country. You will have specific minutes for that. However, if you worry about balance deduction and want to check how many minutes you have left, then follow this code. All you need is to dial *109* country code# to check the remaining balance and its expiry.

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