Friendi Internet Packages with Price, Activation Oman

Friendi Mobile in Oman gives most of their internet data plans. You can have more internet at a low price and unlimited validity. Also, with some packages, you will get extra benefits like local minutes, etc. Anyways, In this article, I am going to show the best Friendin internet data packs with details like price, validity, extra benefits, activation code, and more. So let’s get started…

Friendi Latest Data Plans

Their saver data packs are the budget ones. You can get more internet for a lower and the strongest internet connection, the best speed. Their saver plans are for 1 day and 30 days. Here are the full details:

80MB data for 2 day

For a low price of 200 Bz, get 80 internet data valid for 48 hours. The activation code for 80MB of data for 2 days is *601*200#. However, there are no local minutes included in the package.

250MB data for 5 days

Get 250MB of data for a low price of 500 Bz. The validity is only 5 days, to activate the package dial *601*500#. There are also extra benefits in the plan.

350 data for 10 days

The price of the 350GB pack is 800, the validity is 10 days, and the activation code for the package is to dial *601*800#. There are no local minutes included.

250 MB data for Unlimited days

You can enjoy unlimited validity for 250 MB data for RO 1. To activate the packages dial *320*2#. Also, this is very important to keep checking your internet MB by dialing *250# from your Friendi line.

Now you need to keep this in mind if you disable the auto-renewal and use internet data without any saver plan activation. This will cost you an extra 10BZ per MB. If you don’t have enough balance, you can recharge your line online.

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