How to Get Omantel Advance Balance | 2 Methods

Omantel is a leading telecom services provider. They offer great telecom, internet, calls, and SMS services for prepaid and postpaid users. However, they won’t let you down while getting low on balance in an emergency case. If you don’t have enough balance and there is no place where you can recharge your line. Then there is a chance to get an Omatnel emergency loan up to 500Bz in Oman. To know how to get the loan and what are the requirements to get it, please keep on reading…

Get Omantel Emergency Credit

Omantel Hayyak customer care easily gets an emergency of 500Bz while they are low on mobile balance. There are two methods to get a loan.

Once your balance reaches 30 or fewer Biases, then you will get an automatic SMS from Omantel. You can simply reply to that SMS with Y or type Y and send it to 91224. You will get an SMS confirmation in a second or two. However, check your balance after getting the confirmation SMS.

Note that the emergency you get will be deducted once you recharge your Omantel line. You can dial the customer care number while having issues with getting the emergency credit.

Keep in mind that you can use this balance for local and international calls and SMS or explore the internet. You can also activate an internet package with your Omantel advance loan.

The 2nd method is, to open your Message app then compose a new message, type Y, and send it to 91224. Once you send the message and you are low on mobile credit. Omantel will immediately send you the 500Bz to your mobile account. This amount will be charged from the next top-up.

Keep in mind that if your current mobile balance is more than 40 Baises or 40, then you won’t be able to get the advance amount. So, make sure to apply for the loan amount while low on balance.

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