Omantel Hayyak and Hayyak Plus Packages | 2024

Omantel has recently updated its internet data plans. Several packages are new as Hayyak and Hayyak Plus. You can choose the desired package that fulfills your daily needs. I mean you can select any of the packages that suit your daily, weekly, and monthly Internet, unlimited call usage. You can also your favorite numbers to get more minutes. Wait there is more, Hayyak plans also give additional data for your best social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Today, in this article, I will show you all the Omantel Hayyak and the new Hayyak Plus in full detail. For example, the package activation code, deactivation code, check your balance, prices, validity, local and international minutes, and much more. Note: as a Hayyak subscriber you can get unlimited local calls for 1 week for OMR 3 only. So let’s explore these plans…

Omantel Hayyak Plans

Package NameHayyak 3Hayyak 5Hayyak 7Hayyak 10Hayyak 15
Price3 OMR5 OMR7 OMR10 OMR15 OMR
Internet data500 MB1GB2GB + 1GB Social4GB + 2GB Social8GB + 4GB Social
Extra DataNoNoFor 2 OMR, 1GBFor 2 OMR, 1GBFor 2 OMR, 1GB
Local Minutes50 Minutes100 MinutesNoNoNo
Local SMS50 SMS100 SMSNoNoNo
Unlimited CallsNoNoTo 5 Favorite numberTo 5 Favorite numberTo 5 Favorite number
Bonus on re-activation500 MB WhatsApp1GB WhatsAppNoNoNo
Plan Validity1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month

For your information to activate, deactivate, or check your balance and data for these Hayyak plans, dial *123*3# then press the call button. After that follow the on-screen instructions. If you don’t have enough you can get an advance loan and activate a package.

Hayyak 2: 500MB data, 50 minutes, 50 SMS, and an extra 500MB for WhatsApp on package reactivation for OMR 3/month.

Hayyak 5: 1GB data, 100 minutes, 100 SMS, and an extra 1000MB for WhatsApp on package reactivation for OMR 5/month.

Hayyak 7: Price is OMR 7 with 2GB + 1GB social data, no minutes, no SMS, but unlimited calls to 5 of your favorite numbers. To add your favorite number dial *285*1*phone number#, while to delete it then dial *285*2*phone number#. However, to check the list of your favorite numbers then dial *285*0#.

Hayyak 10: 4GB data with 2GB social, minutes n/a, SMS n/a, for OMR 7/month. Also unlimited calls to your 5 favorite numbers. Add your favorite number by dialing this code *285*1*phone number#, and delete your favorite number using this code *285*2*phone number#. However, dial *285*0# to check the list of your favorite numbers.

Hayyak 15: 8GB data with 4GB social, no local minutes, and SMS, for OMR 7/month. You will also get unlimited minutes to your 5 favorite numbers. You can add a favorite number, just dial this code *285*1*phone number#. More to delete a favorite number *285*2*phone number#. While checking the list of all favorite numbers, dial *285*0#.

Omantel New Hayyak Plus Plans

Package NameRO 2RO 4OMR 5OMR 6OMR 9OMR 12OMR 15OMR 18
Price2 RO4 RO5 OMR6 OMR9 OMR12 OMR15 OMR18 OMR
Duration1 week4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
Internet Data1GB2GB7GB3GB8GB15GB9GB30GB
Social data500MB500MB1GB1GB2GB socialNo4GB socialNo
Minutes35 minutes50 minutes50 minutes100 minutes250 minutes300 minutes300 minutes600 minutes

The above plans with social allowance let you use these apps: YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram & Snapchat. However, only three of the plans are with social data, the Hayyak 7 Pro, Hayyak 10 Pro, and Hayyak 15 Pro. To activate any of the new Hayyak Plus plans, install the Omantel official app.

Check Hayyak Balance

The most convenient and easy method to check your Hayyak balance is to dial 1233 and follow the instructions. However, the Hayyak balance check code is dial *100#, then press the call button. You will see your remaining balance in a popup message.

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